Monday, 4 April 2016

A good night

You won't often find me in a pub these days, but I was a while ago when my old school buddy David arrived from NZ, where he lives now.  We headed out to Portrush, down by the harbour.  He was highly amused when I pointed the rangefinder at him, as you can see:

Now the Harbour Bar in Portrush is legendary.  They added a swanky bistro towards the back but in a most unusual move for The Liberties they actually kept the front bar as it was, all spit and sawdust like.  You can take your Hound in there if you wish and the Guinness is, well, the best. David here was very thirsty that night - obviously the Guinness in Auckland is not as tasty.

We had proper music that night, too:

I had FP4+ loaded and was way down at some ridiculous speed, like 1/4 second but since I wasn't on the Black Stuff myself things seemed to work out OK.

It was a good night - we talked over some old stuff and some new stuff, as you do with old friends.  It was a while ago though - I was trawling through The Archive at the weekend and these lept out at me.  I might have posted them before, so apols if they seem familiar...


  1. You surely know how to get some good negs from that rangefinder of yours, Michael. Or, I would think it's more about the way you develop the rolls than only the camera itself. Great exposures as well, I must say. FP4+ inside in dull light can be a real hassle with long times, but these seems to be bang on! Which developer did you soak it in, and what kind of lens do you use on that camera? Wideish 35mm or something similar?

    1. Haha thanks Roy, appreciate your comments. In those days I was using DD-X. It's expensive though, particularly if you bang through a lot of film, as some of us are prone to :) so these days I'm favouring ID-11, which seems to work well enough. I dilute it 1:1 but it can be used 1:3 for even more economy, although the dev times get a bit long. Oh and as for the lens, you are correct, 35mm which is a great carry-round length.