Thursday, 21 April 2016

Part of a tree

Snapped opposite Killowen Church on the Mamiya at f/2.8:

I know, it's a bit dull - the light wasn't great.  Might be worth returning here some morning or evening when there's something more interesting light-wise.

So I hooked up the print washer this morning and all was reasonably well with it - no big leaks, anyway.  Couple of small ones, but fix-able - I think.  A quick re-varnish of the home-made 'sink' and then we're good to go - probably at the weekend.  Although our local Arts Centre (Flowerfield) in Portstewart is hosting a talk and exhibition by Joyce Ferder Rankin on Saturday and I will probably pop along to see what all the fuss is about.   I try to go to these things - not that we get many of these things around these parts - with an open mind, so we'll see.  I might even take a wee camera along just for the craic.

Another cracking spring-like day in The Liberties today - full sun, although a bit of a North wind blowing so not that warm.  Might even get the back lawn cut, to match the front one that was done yesterday :)


  1. The tree looks great. At least the photographic impression of it looks great. And yes, you should absolutely try to return some day when the light is a more on your side. Could get some real great shadows playing around in that surface, me thinks.

    Great to see that your darkroom is getting closer to the finish line. I would love to say the same from over here, but that would be a lie... and I rather not start doing that!
    I'm going to an event later this evening. Some seminar kind of thing. There's this quite known (at least in the small community of film wasters over here in Norway) dude going to give a lecture in computer editing of pixel related snaps. Lightroom they call the thing. Nothing I got any interest in, anyway, but I would like to go anyway. Just to see a few folks and generally talk to someone.

    Spring over there? Cutting the lawn and stuff? Over here I must say I'm a bit in doubt if we make it through the weekend without getting a handful or three of snow instead. They have forecast it, so lets just hope they miss this time. They were talking about some northernly things coming in, straight from up around the pole up there.
    Right now it rains, by the way. Pouring down, it does.
    Well... I'll just put on another load of coffee and sit down and wait until it's gone. Some day soon, I hope :))

    1. Thanks Roy - thats the plan, to get some shadows and kind of make the thing come alive a bit.

      And i know the feeling about 'events' - I have a similar thing to go on Saturday. All digital stuff, but better than nothing.

      Aw your weather sounds crap, mate. Good for film, maybe?! Thats maybe all its good for, but at this time of year we are all looking for signs of summer, I think, and forget about film for a change! Its been a long dreary winter over here...mostly rain and that, no white stuff. At least you get a proper winter :)

      Well the grass got cut this afternoon, the parasol over the patio table even got put up, and a cushion on a seat, and thats where i am right this second, enjoying birds chattering, the sun, and, i have to admit, a chilled glass of wine. Pretty perfect, I have to say!

      Have a good weekend Roy whatever the weather.

    2. Just a quick note to tell you I was right about the snow coming in. Or, actually the met guys were right, but I could tell it was coming myself also. After all, you "don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows", just to quote good old Bob Dylan a wee bit.
      Some times we get a proper winter, some times not. Not out here on the very coastline, anyway. Drive a few kilometers inland and there's proper winters for sure.

      Have a great weekend over there as well, and enjoy your springlike weather or whatever you get :)