Friday, 8 April 2016

Last Portraits in the Park

OK so the last of the Portraits in the Park series from Hungary, 1938.

Yes, you are correct - that was a big class.  We have 48 negs of portraits in total.  What would be nice is for to see (Olde English structure, that is, "for to see", in case you are wondering - still in use around The Liberties if you talk to the right people.  Now there's a strange thing.  When I was a young lad - many moons ago - and went 'across the water' to England to study and become a man, it wasn't cool to have a regional accent. They were rather frowned upon and as a result, in order to fit in, be accepted and all that which is important when you are 18, I lost much of my accent and ended up speaking BBC English, don't you know.  Fast forward 30 years and regional accents are all the rage - you have to have one, in fact.  And yup, I know, now I'm really starting to sound old.  Anyhow, I got me accent back now, so all is well.  Some would say too well, but there you go.  Anyway...after all that, back to finish this sentence now - and if you can remember how it started you're a good 'un) whether we can find out for sure when and where these were taken - perhaps some-one somewhere will recognise a face.  There is a Old Hungarian Flickr group and I posted a few on there some time ago, but I'm sure there are other places I can post some of these too.

Have a nice weekend, my friends.  I don't really do weekends on This Place - too much else happening, y'see.  Missy has orchestra (cello), quite often I have darkroom duties (you have to keep at it, I find) and at this time of year the garden needs attention.  It's all go here, y'know...

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