Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Usual Place

Portstewart Strand and those westerley winds blowing in the clouds from Inishowen.  Via the Franka Solida and HP5/ID-11 on Kentmere VC paper.

It doesn't look too bad scanned but the print is a tad soft - could be doing with a bit more contrast on that neg. Trouble is me enlarging machine stops at grade 5 so this is your lot.   Most likely a lens hood would have helped, as would stopping down a bit more. But probably also an operator issue, most likely at the point of snapping by mis-guessing the exposure...

And the trouble I had getting that flipping negative to sit properly and not show it's edges.  Still not great looking.  And then I rather cleverly managed to get the positioning of the paper totally skewed.  That's the thing when you print the whole neg rather than crop, which is the norm around here...for obvious reasons.

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