Monday, 7 March 2016

Or maybe...

Just tried a different crop on that last one:

I dunno...maybe?


  1. Uhhh... another minefield going into expressing views on which way to crop a photo. Anyway, I jump into it with no life suit on. I think the first version, the "perhaps" one is the way to go. Don't ask me why, but something to do with them branches stretching upwards and such in the background of the leaves there. This one got a bit, I don't know... crowded, or something? Tighter for sure, as that probably was the point with the cropping in the first place, but the previous version makes me breath a bit easier to put it that way. And it's got this nice spot of highlight there in the background and all. And the branches, and it's standing upright and tall and makes more out of the composition. I think...!
    As for that camera, I would love to have tried one of them at some point. Sinar 4x5 sounds like a whole lot of fun to me for sure. I would probably have to see like at least 50% of my other cameras go out of the house if I got one of these. Maybe that would be healthy, after all?!

    1. The Sinar is probably the cheapest way to get into 4x5 Roy - but you do need a few other bits of kit to go with it, not to mention some extra muscle power to heft it about. But then, with your RB67s you probably have muscle enough :) If only we could be satisfied with the German rangefinders, eh?

    2. You truly say something there Michael. Well, I have to say I'm satisfied with both the rangefinders and the SLR's I got around the place, and my medium format cameras as well. But when you see a real negative for the first time it's appearance just jump at you in a way. Well, you probably know exactly what I'm talking about anyway. It's a different kind of thing, to put it simple.
      We will see, what the future brings... :)