Friday, 11 March 2016

More portraits

Some more of the shots of the Hungarian schoolchildren - just scans this time.

Like most things, the detail is where it's at in these snaps.  One things for sure - children come in all shapes and sizes, hairstyles and dress styles.

I'm very fond of these, as you can probably tell.  I like the perspective - with the photographer sitting on the ground, which makes the kids look tall.  How do I know that?  Well, in one shot he rather gave the game away:

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  1. Just brilliant snaps from the past, Michael. He had obviously a couple of theories to test out, the photographer. Worked very well it did, as well, until his shoes accidentaly came within range. Interresting things from the past in lots of ways, and great to see them posted on the web like this. If they only knew back then, that the pics would become instantly available to allmost anyone from all over the globe at some point... Great portraits, and what's happening in the background is almost just as interresting in a few cases. And the posing. Just look at the boy standing on his heels. Fantastic! :)