Friday, 25 March 2016

More Parklife

No not the Blur sort of Parklife, the Hungary sort:

I've probably said it before, but these portraits draw me in.  Look at the girl on the left there above...her expression is just fascinating.

When I see these, I remind myself how fortunate I was to be in education all my working life.  There is something intrinsically rewarding about learning and I like to think the young people I was involved with were helping me learn as much as the other way round.

I wonder which of these kids became mechanics.  Secretaries, doctors, managers, shop-workers, nurses.  What were their dreams at that age?

There's something about the energy, the expectation, the enthusiasm, the interest in things around them that young people have that is very infectious.


  1. Makes me want to load one of my TLRs and set it on the ground for some portraits.

    1. That sounds like a good plan, Jim! Class of 2016?