Tuesday, 26 January 2016

It was foggy

We've had a fair bit of fog around these parts recently.  This is Port-na-Happle, which lies between the Strand where I walk The Hound, and the Promenade, where the harbour wot-you-seen-yesterday lies and where all the cafés are and the double-parking is.

It's a grand wee place and a lovely walk it is too, even in the fog.  In the summertime you can squeeze yourself into your 5mm wet-suit around these parts and go in for a wee dip in the sea (anything less than 5mm is not advised, no matter what The Experts say).  I have been known to do just that on occasion and it fair wakes you up I can tell you.  There are others who do it just in their speedoes, and some do it every day of the year too.  Clearly they're not wise.

Here's one of herself all kitted out a couple of years ago:

She's a happy wee soul, is Missy.

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