Tuesday, 5 January 2016

A bit behind

I'm a bit behind schedule at the minute, what with Christmas et al.  I can't seriously complain though, as the family stuff comes first.  Mrs Liberties was off her feet a lot over the festive period and that meant yours truly had to step up.  On the plus side, I can now make a decent roast dinner.  It's getting it all to come together at the same time was always the hardest thing, I found, but recently things have worked out and my timing seems to be better.  As we learnt yesterday, practice does have a tendency to improve things...

The upshot is that while I have at least 3 films languishing in various cameras nearing the endpoint, none are actually ready for dunking in ID-11 as of yet.  But I'm optimistic - now that Missy is back at school the old shutter releases might get pressed, films might get finished and well, sure you know what happens next, right?

In the meantime, I came across these couple of Provia-colour slides from our little road trip to Donegal in the summer, with Dr C and his bro.  I can't vouch for accurate representation of the conditions at the time, but all the same I do like how they've come out.  All on the Nikon FM3A, which is an absolute joy to use.

Just look at our wee patchwork quilt of fields:

Ah we are a landscape of hills and water, indeed we are:

Actually that sky looks spot on to how I remember it, to be fair.   To be honest, most of the year our skies look like that.  I know the fairly relentless cloud cover does get some people down, but I think our skies are pretty damn special. I can't help thinking how good they will look on FP4 or HP5 - and now I can add Provia to the list.

It's only a couple of hours from The Liberties, is Donegal.  I don't know why we don't go there more often.  It really is lovely, even in colour...

Well actually I do know...driving and ankylosing spondylitis are not good bed-fellows, y'see.  It's the legs.  And the back.  And the neck.  And all the bits in-between, like muscles, tendons and ligaments.  Did you know, that it's the ligaments that connect bone to bone and the tendons what connect muscle to bone?  That's the sort of thing you learn whilst at The Min.  That and all about syndesmophytes.  Heh?  That's a good one, isn't it?  Thems the things that cause all the fusion and pain in AS.  I could think of another word for them, mind you...

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