Monday, 11 January 2016

Clare's shoes

I know you've seen these before, but not like this.  I actually managed to get into the darkroom last week - after too long.  It felt good to be back in there.

Anyway, I printed Clare's shoes on Kentmere RC Select paper.  As seems to be the norm these days, I split-grade printed them - a couple of seconds at grade 00 and then about 5s at grade 3.5 seemed to work.  I was stopped down 5 stops hence the shorter-than-I-usually-like times.

This was a straight print and I thought it could benefit from darkening down the top edge and a little along the right hand side, to kind of balance things up a bit.

Now I'm not great at burning in and such, but was reasonably happy with this.  I gave this one a light tone in warm Selenium as well - there wasn't a huge colour shift but the shadows darkened down a little, not bad considering I was using RC paper.

This one will soon be winging its way to a certain Mr Roy Karlsvig, with whom I'm doing a little print exchange.  He runs a most excellent blog, by the way.

1 comment:

  1. Looking absolutely great my friend!! Can't wait to see this lovely print some day soon :))
    Hope to be able to do something good from my side soon as well :))