Monday, 13 April 2015

The French Riveria

The French Riveria - you don't hear that term so much nowadays.  Well we are just back from a week there - in Antibes, to be precise.  A lovely wee place it is too - just right for ambling round, taking the air and sitting outside sipping un verre de vin rose, which seems to be the done thing.  A good time of year to go it was too - good weather, not too hot and not too many visitors.

Of course I snapped away when we were there, so for the next few days be prepared to see some different snaps than usual - no cows, no fields and no hedges.

To begin with, let's get a couple of picture postcard shots out of the way, to set the scene as it were. So to continue the theme from the last post, here are some wee boats, Antibes style this time:

Boats in Port Vauban, April 2015
Came out quite nice with HP5 in DD-X methinks.  I'm not a great one for boats (can barely get by on dry land, even on a good day, what with my Ankylosing Spondylitis and all), but for the boat lover there was quite a collection in Antibes, with quite a few 'super-yachts' berthed there.  Strangely enough we didn't see any boats like the ones in Rathlin Island I posted snaps of recently.  Also, hardly a boat moved the whole week we were there - even though it was Easter weekend and lovely weather.  I got the impression that they stay put 8 months of the year and then probably all hell breaks loose in the summer, when the Med must be like Portstewart Prom on a Sunday evening.  Must be an expensive hobby.  Ah well, whatever floats your boat, so to speak.  I preferred the ones I spied in Rathlin Island anyway, so take that Antibes.

Here's the view from our apartment on one of the rare days there were white fluffy things in the sky...

View from our balcony, towards Fort Carre, Antibes

Personally a bit of blue sky is OK, but I'd hate to wake up every morning to see nothing interesting in the sky.  OK so those are the boring shots out of the way.  Hopefully the next exciting installment will see something more interesting (but clearly that's a matter of opinion).

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