Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Le wrap-up

Well we're nearly at the end of our week in Antibes but here are a few shots that just didn't fit into the other posts this week.

Un Cafe, Antibes
Now doesn't this just scream La Dolce Vita to you - or whatever the French equivalent is.  What a lovely little place for your morning espresso and croissant, or whatever gets your motor going.   Just sit back, chill and do a little people-watching.  Just relaxes you thinking about it, doesn't it.

Not so long ago you would have seen lots of little old Renault 4s, or Citroen 2CVs darting about the cities of France - not the 2CVs really darted, more like wheezed and lurched, but you get my drift.  In this part of the world, having such a warm climate, cars seemed to last forever.  We didn't see very many old cars this time around, so when we came across one I had to snap it up, for posterity, like.  As you do.

Which would you rather drive?
Ah...such character in the old cars compared to that new Japanese thing behind it, n'est-ce pas?  The observant among you (eh?) will have clocked a certain Missy in the background, ambling along quite content with the world, OM-1 slung casually over her back.  Oh to be young again...

Nice pant job

This homage to the 1960s was spotted near the March Provençale and belonged to an artist type - not that you can tell...much!  You will of course have noticed that it's pointing the wrong way, according to the sign.  But then those artists chaps and chapettes just don't do rules, do they?  And quite right too...

Well that brings to an end the great French adventure of Easter 2015.  Hope you enjoyed it - we did!

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