Monday, 20 April 2015

Le Musée Picasso

Apparently the great man himself came to live in the town in the 1940s and was so enamored with the place he gave it a few paintings, ceramics and etchings (oh er, missus, come up and see my etchings, nudge nudge wink wink) he had lying around.  He lived in the Chateau Grimaldi (apparently built on top of the ancient Greek city of Antipolis) for only about 6 months, but his donations allowed the first museum dedicated to the artist to be established and today that building is known as Le Musée Picasso.

So on Easter Sunday we ambled through La Vieille Ville and queued up to be cultured.  And cultured we were, although it was very hot inside and with no suggested route through the little rooms it quickly became a bit of a free-for-all.  I would hate to be there in July, where the heat would make it unbearable - unless they have air-con.  No matter, we got to see some good stuff which sparked off some interesting conversations with Missy, although I was disappointed not to see more of his line drawings.  The power of his line drawings are inversely proportional to their simplicity, I always think.

Obviously we have no photographs of the inside of the museum, but its setting - right on the edge of the Med - is such that I snapped away as we walked around it.  As luck would have it we actually had some clouds that day which FP4 was able to capture quick nicely...

Looking towards Nice&Monaco

Just beside Le Musée is the cathedral, a lovely old building.

Antibes Cathedral

Now this is one of those rare occasions where the patina of the walls would have benefited from a...wait for it...colour film.  But since I don't do colour you'll have to imagine it - all lovely and weathered and red - reminded me somewhat of Venice.  Still, I like it the way it is here too - the light was very good that day, with strong shadows but yet some interesting clouds adding something to the sky.

Near the museum we came across this little old pump - in Rue Brûlée no less (geddit?).

A pump

Well we are almost at the end of our week in Antibes - might just have another couple of snaps to show you tomorrow and then we'll get back to The Liberties.

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