Thursday, 23 April 2015


Delving through some old slides I came across a couple of mother as she was in the 1970s.

Mother, sometime in the late 1970s
She has a rather quizzical look about her in this shot - wonder what she was thinking?  Probably something along the lines of 'I wish he would stop taking pictures of me'.  Lovely tonal range in this one, methinks - and just look at that background!  Nowadays people who know would be cooing over the 'creamy bokeh' or some such nonsense.  In those days no-one knew what bokeh was - but we did understand depth of field.

For some strange reason most of our shots from that era seemed to be in the winter time - no foliage on the trees, as you can see.  It all adds to the grim memories of that time, when times were hard, etc etc (a la Monty Python).

Mother sporting some winter fashion
Another example of using depth of field to isolate the subject - but check out the head-gear!  And a decent winter coat as well - now that was 1970s style alright.

These are probably two of the best shots of Mother from that era.  Nowadays she won't let a camera point anywhere near her direction, so shots are hard to come by - although I did manage to get one when she wasn't looking, which you can see (again) here.

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