Thursday, 19 March 2015

Somewhere in Illinois

As you know (!) The Brother lives somewhere out West.  I had occasion to visit him last year around Thanksgiving time, which coincided with uncommonly low temperatures for that time of year.  The upshot was we didn't get out much - too damn cold.  However, I took a few snaps while I was there, as one does.  So here y'all are now - welcome to Illinois!

Home of the Choppak!  Illinois 2014
Most of these were snapped from the car as we drove past - through the glass for good measure. Anyone know what a Choppak is?  Anyone want to?  No, me neither.

On Interstate 290 heading into Chicago
Interstate-290 is always an interesting road.  And dangerous.  Above you see the view as you head downtown from the west - just passing University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) on the right there.   Unfortunately it was particularly foggy that day, otherwise you would be able to see downtown with all its glorious skyscrapers.  But not today.

You can drive over there from the age of 16, so you sometimes see these old, huge, Detriot-built gas-guzzlers driven by some little kid who can hardly see over the steering wheel.  Unfortunately there's never one around when you want one, so you get this shot of the back end of a Hyundai instead.  Not sure I'd be happy pointing anything out the window at some drivers, though - this being America my 35mm Rangefinder camera might be mistaken for a .44 Magnum and while I enjoy my photography I'm not sure I'd want to lay my life down for it.

The Brother is always threatening to take me for a Michael's 1/2 lb Belly Buster for lunch.  Luckily I've been able to dodge his kind offer up to now...

1/2 lb Belly Buster anyone?
Yes, there is a lot of eatery type places.  A lot.

More photos to follow from this cultural heaven tomorrow...

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