Saturday, 21 March 2015

End of America

Well, not really the End of America - just the last post related to my recent visit there.  OK, some people for a change!  To kick off, double trouble.  The Brother's weans, to be precise.  Don't they just look American?!  They'll be breaking some hearts in the not too distant future I would say - perhaps they have already!

Double Trouble in Oak Park, Thanksgiving Morning 2014
And for good measure here's the Man Himself - looking all academic and everything.

The Brother as he looked late 2014
This wee shot was taken in the Buzz Cafe, in the lah-de-dah Arts District of Oak Park.  A nice wee place the Buzz Cafe - so nice we ended up there two days in a row.  He does a good job of looking studious, the Brother - wouldn't you agree?  I guess he's had plenty of practice, what with all that lecturing he does and all those conferences he goes to. The last conference he spoke at was in Canada and was titled 'A matter of lifedeath'.  Says it all really.

Here's another of the two babes, strutting their stuff in State Street downtown Chicago:

A strut down State Street, late 2014

So that, my friends, is the last of the Chicago 2014 snaps.  It was a quick trip, cold as hell and not the best for me personally.  My Meniere's acted up bigtime - with the inevitable conclusion on the pavement just outside Macy' wasn't pretty.  But these things happen and The Brother and his missus were just brilliant at taking care of things.  Thanks guys and hopefully we'll see you soon again.

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