Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A field near us

Wintry scenes for you today since I only got round to scanning these negs recently - I've been busy!  Thought these were quite nice - taken on HP5 for a change, which is a kind of a winter film, being rated at 400ASA and all that.  Still nice tones when developed in DD-X, as these were.  I might even get round to printing these at some stage...

So here we have a field.  Not just any field, but one very close to where I live.  Just to the left lies the Coleraine campus of the University of Ulster, where I used to work.  You can't see it in this photograph - just as well, really, as it's a bit of an eyesore.  Nice natural framing in this, don't you think?!

A field, somewhere near where I live
This next one is of another field.  Actually it's not - it's of the same field, just a different part of it.  There's a story behind this photograph.  This is taken from Mother's patio and this is the view she sees every day when she pulls back her kitchen curtains.  The reason I took this photograph will become apparent in a minute (assuming you read on...).

View from Mother's patio - as it looked late 2014
I found a print of this same field in the late 1970s - probably done by the Brother, since I don't remember taking or printing it.  So wind back 35-ish years and it looked like this:

Nearly the same view, c1978
Unfortunately I couldn't replicate the same view.  From the perspective I reckon this was taken from the back bedrooom upstairs in Mother's house.  Nowadays there is a 40-foot holly tree in the way, hence the lower perspective in the more recent shot.  But they are similar enough for a bit of comparison.  The hawthorn hedges have grown, as to be expected.  Electricity pole in the same place and the two trees visible in the 1978 print are still there, though the one on the right has overtaken the other one.

When I see these older prints it makes me want to just photograph pretty much everywhere around these parts, print as many as possible and just stash them away in the loft.  Maybe some-one will come across them in 50 years time and be mildly entertained by them.  Maybe I'll just do that...after all, I don't expect this blog will still be around then.

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