Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Chesters.  The name to strike fear into parents in the late 1970s.  Also known as The Portrush Arcadia, or The Speakeasy.  Venue to many bands in those heady days when it was a good time to be a teenager.  The Darts (wonderful live), Ian Dury (what a performer), Dr Feelgood, XTC, The Undertones and my favourite, The Stranglers.  Manys the night my mate David Moore and I headed down to Chesters, forced a couple of pints of Smithwicks down us (couldn't handle Guinness yet haha), listened to some good sounds and with luck got a cheeseburger (and a few chips thrown in for free) at Rudi's takeaway before a certain purple mini arrived to take us home (thanks Emily Moore!).  Good times.

Portrush Arcadia, as it looked in late 2014
Nowadays half of it has been knocked down, but the facade still stands.  What used to be the concert hall is now a kids playpark.  Ah well - nothing lasts forever, as Bryan Ferry told us.

Snapped on 35mm FP4+ film, developed in DD=X.  I might even print that one - it would be rather nice to see that on the wall, methinks, for old times' sake.

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  1. I think it's going to look great on any wall no matter what the reason is. It's a great snap, and should thus hang... on a wall, of course.