Friday, 27 April 2018

The third of three...

...prints of Portstewart Strand from The Archives this week, as I'm away from home.  Technically speaking this one's not of the beach, but it was taken in Portstewart looking towards Derry/Londonderry.  Inishowen is just to the right, shrouded in cloud (as it often is).  This one from the 'Blad, printed on old Kodak Polymax 5"x7" paper.  It was damned hard to get that seagull to fly exactly where I wanted it, but eventually it got the message and I got the shot:


  1. Beautiful photograph. How long did you have to sit and wait for the gull to get the message? I'm in a bit of a Foto Funk, so I've put some black and white film in my Nikon F6 and attached a 50mm lens. Maybe a return to simplicity will get me going again.

    1. Thanks Marcus, appreciated. Haha if I could control the gulls I'd be a happy man :) We all know that 'Foto Funk' as you put it - oh yes. Harry Callahan used to say he would photograph his way out of it but I would think an F6&50mm lens might just do the trick. I think these times are inevitable, though - perhaps the creative side need space to re-group from time to time. Whatever, I hope it doesn't last too long and you get your mojo back soon, Marcus.