Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Car Park & High Rise, Glasgow

The area of Glasgow we stayed in (just off Sauchiehall Street) was understandably fairly densely populated with buildings.  There wasn't much that caught my eye - I was probably too busy making sure I didn't trip over a loose paving slab - but I quite liked the lines in this one:

Car Park & High Rise, Glasgow 2018
There was a doorway to the car park just opposite our hotel and I noticed that pretty much every time we passed by there was a man standing there.  I say standing, but he was propped up by two crutches - he just seemed to be motionless and he was there all day.  He didn't look well at all and I was perplexed by his situation.  It clicked when I saw some people emerging from the car park into the street and he held the door for them.  That was his thing - and the reason for him standing there all day, every day.  Clearly he was looking for a coin for holding the door.  I felt bad for him, if that really was his best option.

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