Friday, 6 April 2018

Bangor Blues

Around The Liberties and beyond the tradition is to have slate roofs.  Not just any slate, mind you - Bangor Blue slates are the most desirable (and the most expensive).  I'm not sure but I suspect the name comes from Bangor in North Wales rather than the Bangor just outside Belfast but I could be wrong.  Anyway, one of our outhouses has Bangor Blue slates on it - although the winter gales have taken their toll on them over the years.

The other morning when I looked out the window I could see some nice morning light on them - as well as bit of frost.  I grabbed whatever camera was lying around as quickly as I could - since the light doesn't usually last for long - and snapped them up.

HP5+ printed on Adox paper, via a Nikon

I know it's all wonky and what you have you - but the roof is too so there you go.   This is the middle of 3 outhouses and the one we used to keep our hens in.  But the hens are no longer with us so now it's lying empty.

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