Friday, 30 March 2018


When in doubt, a nice snap of some trees usually does the trick:

Mountsandel Wood on Warmone fibre paper, after bleach and re-development in hot lith.

Not that there's anything particularly nice about this shot, but there's a story behind it.  It's on Warmtone fibre paper and was a rescue job.  I know - I'm getting plenty of practice at rescuing poor prints these days, aren't I?  But anyway, the first print (developed in Multigrade) was a dull as dishwater so I went and mixed up some copper sulphate bleach, as per Tim Rudman's instructions in one of his books.  Then I dunked the print in it for a minute or two.  It's slow to start but soon gathers pace so you have to watch it carefully if you don't want everything bleached out.  Not that there's anything wrong with bleaching back to white paper if that's what you want...just sayin'.  Then a dunk it some hot lith developer and this was the result.  Lovely warm tones and while the 'lith' look isn't very strong that's as much to do with the subject matter as anything else.


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    1. Thanks Andrea! Not sure this one was worth saving, mind you - but it was fun trying.

  2. Oh...! A very nice job done, indeed! And interesting as well, of course :)