Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Lonely days

It's quiet around The Liberties at the is doing nothing, fairly mild temperatures for the time of year, grey skies, not much wind.  Even the garden birds aren't around much after the morning looking for a mate, or a good place for a nest, perhaps.

The rabbits are pretty active, though.  Digging holes everywhere...hundreds of them.  There's a wee young one outside in the back garden as I type this.  Very cute, it is, about the size of your hand.   There are foxes around, though - we can hear them screeching at night.  Sends The Hound barking mad, but they don't seem to care about him.  Perhaps they know he can't get out at them, or maybe they're smart enough to know they could out-run him easily.  We came across one in the field behind us a few years ago when out for a walk.  I thought The Hound was fast - well he is, for a dog, being a border collie.  But these fox-things are in a different league altogether...out of sight before The Hound got into second gear - he had no chance.

I got into the darkroom Sunday morning for a session when everyone else was still lazing about.  It wasn't great, but I didn't mind as I took my time and enjoyed it.  I had no particular agenda, other than to see if there were any masterpieces hiding on that roll of 120 film I developed last week.  There weren't as it turns out.  At least not this morning.  I've a couple of prints drying and later on I'll scan one and put it here for your viewing pleasure:

Somerset Wood, or what's left of it.  Every time I go there seem to be fewer trees there, more cut down.  There doesn't seem to be any re-planting going on, so not sure this is going to have a good outcome.

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