Tuesday, 7 February 2017


An old one - one from my Uncle's Hungarian series, from the 1930s.  I just fancied seeing how it would turn out on paper:

From a 6x6 neg, on Kentmere paper, sepia toned
Two boys are just visible in the background, playing cricket.


  1. There's really something about your uncle's portraits from Hungary. And how great it is to see it printed like this.
    I hope somebody will go inside a darkroom and make a few prints from a few of my negs as well some 100 years from now.
    To be sure that would happen would really make it worth every second I spent on this hobby. Print them, and let them hang on a wall for some time, short or longer.
    I like the pose of the girl and the way the wind catches her dress, and the cricket game going on in the background just adds to the whole scene.
    I love it! :)

    1. Thanks Roy - appreciate your comment. I agree - totally! This one is on the wall, by the way and yes, maybe not for a long time but it's there for now. These portraits of the children really speak to me - given when they were taken and what was about to happen shortly after.