Monday, 27 February 2017


Not sure what this growth is on the trunk of this tree, but it and the bark caught my eye:

Part of a tree from Somerset Forest, just up from Mountsandel to the South of Coleraine.

This is another lith print, from my darkroom session the other day.  The usual combination, Moersch Easylith on Foma 131 paper.


  1. A very nice lith print of what seems to be the trunk of a birch with something we call "knute" or "sopp" or whatever on it. It's said to be some kind of disease or at least something the tree itself rather saw going somewhere else. My father claims it makes some really nice structure inside the tree though, but then again he used to make knife shafts and stuff out of these growths a while back. Not sure if it's the same thing though, but could be.
    A very nice frame for a lith it is anyway, and you seem to really get a few great ones out of that Foma paper for sure. I need to get home and check what I have in stock.

    1. Thanks Roy, appreciated. I like 'knute', that sounds right for this growth :) Knife shaft, eh? That's definitely old-school...can't imagine too many doing that these days, but a great thing to do methinks. Sort of thing my grandfather was always up to...