Monday, 4 June 2018

Glasgow glass, lith

You may recall we were in Glasgow a while back - something to do with Sam Smith, I seem to remember.  Anyway, we caught the 'Flyer' bus from the City Centre back to the Airport and I bagged myself a window seat, Nikon in hand ready for anything that caught my eye.  I snapped up this building with its reflective glass windows as we waited at traffic lights - through the none-too-clean coach window, I should add:

Glasgow building, lith print, 2018

I was keeping it for a lith day and that day was today.  It's not easy to convince oneself to get into the darkroom at the minute, for the weather in The Liberties is rather pleasant (for this part of the world, that means mid '70s - phew!) and little wind so it actually feels warm. But, in spite of that, sometimes you have to scratch the itch and so I had a very quick darkroom session early this morning.  Foma 131 paper and old-ish, warm-ish Moersch Easylith, followed by a short dunk in warm selenium 1:5 which just deepened the blacks without any significant colour shift.  A quick test print, for which I opened up the enlarger lens by 3 stops, as lith needs over-exposure at this stage.  Contrast was a bit low on the test print so I stopped down 1 and it all seemed to work out OK.


  1. Hi Michael,this is a really lovely shot, congratulations! I'm putting together a team of contributors for a film photography magazine and I'd like to get in touch with you.
    mme(at)photoklassik(dot)de Best regards, Marwan

    1. Thank you Marwan I’ll send an email