Wednesday, 13 June 2018


We get an amazing array of cloud formations in this part of the world - not surprisingly, given the amount of precipitation we get.  Keeps Ireland green, I guess :)

Anyway, the other evening I was out in Portrush for a wee dander while Missy was at her Pilates Class.  It's pretty hard-core, otherwise I might have been tempted myself...but instead I wandered about the place, Hasselblad in hand.  Taking the air, as they say around these parts.

It was a lovely evening, peaceful and warm(ish).  The clouds caught my eye:

I stuck a deep red filter on the 50mm lens and pointed the camera skywards.  I'm in a lith mode at the minute, so out came the Foma paper and some by-now-pretty-old Moersch Easylith developer and away we went.  I think I made a mistake by trying to be too clever, though, since at first the clouds came out with a beautiful warm pinky tinge to them.  For some unknown reason I decided it wasn't enough so I dunked it into some cupric sulphate bleach and tried to sepia it.  All that happened, of course, was I lost the original pink colour.  On the plus side I think it accentuated the white of the clouds a little, so it wasn't a complete disaster.

I can feel a 'cloud' project coming on...


  1. Your work in the darkroom gave those clouds a sense of being tangible, as if you could feel their nooks and crannies if you were to touch them. Interesting!

    1. I was waiting for someone to see an elephant, or similar, in this print Jim :)