Monday, 6 November 2017


Yup, it was very windy the other day in Portrush, as you can see from Missy here:

FP4, on Adox paper.

I know - I timed it well, didn't I? Missy was most impressed...not.

This was last week - the same week as the World Surf Kayak Championships were being held in the town.  Well, not in the town per se, in the water - you know what I mean.  You can see more here if you're interested in that sort of thing.  There were lots of different folks around and I should have been down there with a camera - not for the action shots (I'll leave that to the digi-boys&girls) but for the other stuff.  But I wasn't in the mood, to be honest, so I stayed home and got on with some much-needed sorting-out-of-stuff.  It leaves you feeling good, having a right old sort-out, doesn't it?  Leaner and keener, I guess.  Anyway, it was half-term as well and Missy needed a taxi on call most of the week - I guess that is not uncommon when there's a teenager around.  And why do all her friends have to live in the middle of nowhere?  I mean, I know we live in the middle of nowhere, but why do they all have to live in the middle of other nowheres?


  1. Because that's what they do these days. Living in the middle of that other nowhere, of course.
    And a very nicely timed snap it was indeed, and a great print as usual from your side. I need to come over to learn a few great darkroom secrets, it seems!

    1. Cheers Roy - and I have no secrets. Just waste a lot of paper and film and sometimes you get something you half like :)