Friday, 3 November 2017

A. Pier View

Well, that's what it says on the sign, anyway.  I've no idea why there appears to be a full stop after the A and I guess we'll never know now, since the Bed&Breakfast establishment (Grade A, once upon a time) is long closed.

Portrush, 2017.  FP4+ on Adox 312 RC paper
On another note, I'm determined to use up this box of 5"x7" Adox paper that's been kicking around the darkroom for a couple of years.  Probably like most darkroom peeps I've a load of boxes of paper around, some with only a few sheets left in them - although the Adox box is pretty full.  It's a lovely paper to use, comes up nice and slow in the developer.


  1. A nice bunch of lines in there as well, actually :)
    I've never tried the Adox paper stuff, but I know I have been tempted to get a box or two. But then again you're quite right about the amount of boxes adding up inside the darkroom area. I'm on the move these days, and have started on the rather big job of getting my darkroom stuff moved over to Ona. And yes, there's a few of them around I have to admit. Latest addition to the pile is a box of 8"x10" Cooltone paper from Ilford. I got a box of 5"x7" as well, but liked it a lot for the right negs, so I thought a few sheets of the bigger paper could come in handy some day. And when I was at it I also bought a box of ART 300 paper in the same size, just because I could... at the time. And then I got this new enlarger, which of course came with all sorts of stuff meaning I'm now also the owner of a couple of very big sheets of Foma paper as well. Oh, and some Emaks paper from the eastern Europe or thereabouts, huge sheets as well. So yes, stuff keeps adding up, I have to admit.
    I'm hoping the Emaks stuff is good for some lith printing, to be honest, as I'm now also the owner of a kit of chemicals of that sort. I had to order from England eventually, as they never seemed to bother import it into this country to the shops dealing with things like that.

    1. I thought you'd appreciate the lines, Roy :)

      Don't know the Emaks paper - never heard of it! I must take a look. It's great having different papers around - one of the pleasures of the darkroom, I think. You must let us know how it liths - I'll look in the usual place ;)