Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Back in the day

I came across this one in a box recently, printed what - a few decades ago? Late 1970s so getting on for forty years ago.  Sounds like a long time, eh?  Wonder where all those years went...

Anyway, it was such a cracking print I just had to share it with you:

To tell you the truth I'm not even sure who the band is - not one of my usuals, anyway.  I think it might be the Xdreamysts, a local outfit who used to play in a venue called Spuds in Portstewart around that time.   If it is them, I'd be mighty pleased since they were pretty damn good back in the day and this might be my one and only shot of them.  For some reason I didn't go to Spuds very often - I was more of a Portush Arcadia man where the touring bands came.  Anyway, the Xdreamysts were signed initially to the legendary Good Vibrations label (Belfast) and subsequently to Polydor.  Perhaps they didn't quite 'make it' but they still had the honour of recoding a session for John Peel and had some of their songs covered by other artists such as Paul Young and the Q-Tips.  And I'm pretty sure they had a blast along the way.  Stay The Way You Are was one of their finest and you can hear it through the magic of the Internet by clicking here - a cracking little tune it is, too.

My mate Prof Simon would remember Stay The Way You Are well, since I played it pretty much non-stop one year we shared rooms while at Bath Uni.  I must have been feeling homesick.  We almost fell out over it, actually - but we got through the rough patch and have remained good friends ever since.


  1. Great print, great background story! :)
    And yes... 40 years sounds like a long time for sure, and actually it is. A lot has happened since back then, both good and bad probably. It was a great time the late 70's :)

    1. Thanks Roy I enjoyed dusting this one off enormously! I rarely find myself in a sweaty music pit these days. My hearing is shot and I can hardly deal with background chatter in a busy cafe let alone live music. I miss it.