Sunday, 1 January 2017

Where are they now?

It's been a tough few months in the North East Liberties household.  My wife has had, as you may know, gall bladder problems, since mid-September.  I'll spare the details, since that's not what This Place is about, but suffice to say our last little stay in the local hospital ended at 8pm on Christmas Eve.  We came home and somehow got through Christmas Day - y'know, did the right thing for Missy and the other family peeps.

Anyhow, hopefully things are on the mend regarding that particular issue.

As a result I haven't been very active on the photographic front recently, but for some reason I had a surplus of energy this morning and headed for the darkroom.  I'd been looking at some scans of very old negs over Christmas and thought I'd found one with some merit.  So off I went and printed it, some 38 years after it was taken.

A moment in time from a wee music place called 'Spuds', in Portstewart, around 1979 or so.  I don't have a clue who they are - clearly in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Printed in 2016 on Adox MCP 312 paper, via Fotospeed WT-10 developer.   I wonder where they are now?
Actually this was the second print, the first print was a bit over-cooked.  Once I bleached it and stuck it in some sepia toner it came back a bit, but still not great.  Still, proof if proof were needed that this particular Adox paper tones well enough, eh?

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  1. Good morning, Michael :)
    It's really great to see a couple of new posts coming out of your corner of the world, and I'm happy to see you've found some time and energy to actually go to the darkroom and get things done. That's more than I got for the moment, over in this corner of the world... Dark time of the year, and brilliant for darkroom work, I know. Still I'm just not there at all right now, but I got a feeling it might turn again soon :)
    Great snap you post here, by the way. It's the type of portrait that will grow on you just because it's more or less 40 years old and you got no idea who's inside the frames of it. You might be up for some time consuming detective work, or you might just as well sit down and see if anyone else might recognize your models from back in the days.
    And if you never finds out, well... not the worst of disasters maybe :)