Thursday, 26 January 2017

Weekend wanders

I may have already mentioned that the sun put in an appearance last weekend - a rare event these days, which have been largely overcast and dull and therefore not great for the old snapping activity.

But when the sun did shine, the light was quite lovely.  I went out and about for a dander, as one does.  I headed for the old Agherton Graveyard just as you come into Portstewart, a short drive down the road.  Some of my ancestors lie there and a lot of the names would be familiar to me, coming from the townlands around where I grew up and now find myself living again.  It's not a particularly big graveyard - most from that era aren't, as the communities were small in them days.  But there were no good snaps to be had, since the sun was only lighting up the back of the headstones - well, there probably were some good opportunities, but my eyes didn't see them.

So I walked across the road towards the Flowerfield Arts Centre and the strong shadows of the trees projected on this wall caught my eye:

8x10 print, split-grade printed on Kentmere paper.

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