Tuesday, 3 January 2017

What the plan is?

So 2017 is up and running. Being a glass half full kind of dude in many ways I can't wait to see what it brings. I've no resolutions per se - too old for that melarky - but there is one thing I want to do less of...sitting in front of a computer. It's a hang-up from me working days, I think, when I spent a lot of the day screen-bound. Old habits dying hard and all that. Anyway, my home 'study' has been reclaimed into a small family snug, so the computer has been re-located upstairs. Its now not-quite-so-convenient location will, I think, lead to me spending less time on it.

Mind you, I probably said the same thing this time last year.

Anyway, another print from the darkroom session the other day.  One I may well have posted before, but this time around I printed it on the Adox paper, gave it a mild sepia wash and was reasonably happy with the outcome.

Part of Somerset Wood, just outside Coleraine.


  1. Now that's a decent print from inside the woods for sure, Michael.
    So, less time on the computer for 2017... well, sounds like a great idea to me. I hate to sit in front of them things as well, and have been actively trying to reduce the time during 2016. I'm rather happy with the outcome, I have to say. Nowadays I only use it to write my little blog, check photographic related stuff online and during scanning of film. Of course I use it more than that, but I'm really trying to avoid it, and it seems to be possible to be honest.
    Well... I'm scanning a few films I developed yesterday at the moment, so might come a post some time this evening :)
    Take care, over there!

    1. Thanks Roy, appreciate the comment. They suck you in, those computery machines...hate them/love them/hate them....