Saturday, 24 September 2016

Watching cow watching me

Missy went to speak to the cows the other day...there's two big ones and two calves that wander about the fields next to us.  The Hound keeps them in check though, reminding them at every opportunity that the garden is strictly off-limits for bovines.

They are rather lovely creatures.

The one in front there decided to move off just as I snapped her up, hence the rather strange posture.  Clearly she's camera-shy.
Missy was out talking to them a very long time and was very excited at being able to pat them, although when one tried to lick her phone she got a bit worried.  They're easily spooked though - they don't like sudden movements.  Being an observant sort, she drew my attention to the fact that one was wearing an ear-cam:

You can just see the ear-cam on her right ear.  Interesting, huh?


  1. Very nice snaps, my friend! See, as long as one gets light onto a piece of film you will get something back from it in the end :)
    Nice creatures, but as Missy already found out... be aware of that tongue thing. It's long and strong, and may just very easily take a tiny phone away.
    On that ear-cam observation I might would have had a little chat with the farmer himself. There's a lot of speaking about drones and such these days, but using a cow to run around with a camera in the ear sounds a bit strange. He would probably be better off training a crow to carry a cam, or something like that :)

    1. Haha you are definitely correct, Roy - film suits light whereas backing paper does not :)

      I bet you didn't know that the recently departed UK Prime Minister is actually our neighbour&farmer? Well, OK, so not 'the' David Cameron, a different David Cameron. And his brother is James Cameron. OK, OK, so not the film director James Cameron either... But they are both stars in their own right and most excellent neighbours to have.

      I like the idea of a crow-cam. The only crows we get around here are the big grey hooded ones. We got jackdaws and smaller things too, but mostly the big black flying things around The Liberties are rooks. And they are very special creatures indeed, as I'm sure you might know. One of nature's wonders, watching and listening to them settle down for the night in a rookery.

    2. Ah... them old rooks are quite special creatures for sure! We got a few of them around my place as well as it happens, but not too many of them over in Norway. They seems to be very shy on the other side of the North Sea if you compare them to the ones living on the british isles. There's jackdaws as well, on the other side, but not where I live. They seems to like a different kind of food, hence living at the other side of them high mountains very much away from the coastline down where the country is flat as a pancake. Lots of big farms down there, apparently.
      So, the names of your neighbour and farmer, and his brother as well, would be quite known to the world as it happens. Must have created a couple of stories up through the years, I guess :)) Very good to hear they are excellent guys, and that no cow-cams will be used in a way nobody would like too much :)