Tuesday, 27 September 2016

I'm walking here

A shot from graduation day at Queen's, Belfast.  I sat on the wall and held the camera on my lap, pressing the shutter when someone walked past.  A bit hit or miss, I agree.

Not sure what the artefact is behind her foot - some gremlin introduced either on the neg or in the scanner.  Pretty good leg extension on the younger model.  The older model has lost a bit there, as you can see.  I like studying people's gaits - not having a particularly good one myself.  I seem to have spent half my life talking about gait in one physiotherapy department or another, but that's the way it goes.  Could be worse, eh?

This was just outside the front entrance to the Uni.  Families milling about, all dressed up for the occasion:


  1. A couple of very fine street snaps for sure here, Michael. I really liked that first one up there, and yes she seems to have a very good leg extention indeed, the girl. It's a nice theme for a good series this... people's gaits :)
    I like it lots, already!!

    1. Thank you Roy - appreciate your comments. You've got me a-thinking about that theme...I like it!