Monday, 5 September 2016


One I've posted before, I know, but one I liked enough to print again.

From the dunes on Castlerock Beach, at the Barmouth where the River Bann meets the Atlantic.  It was a very windy day and I was using a slowish shutter speed to catch some movement in the dune grass.
I think this one is better than my earlier version - not so overcooked in the old Lith developer.  Mind you, when it came out of the wash cycle I wasn't sure I'd cooked it enough, but once dry I was pretty happy with it.

I keep giving my half-decent prints away, in the FADU Print Exchange.  It's a monthly thing - only one print a month required!  Sounds easy, eh?  But when you have standards - albeit it low standards - you want that print to be...well, something you are a little bit happy with.  Some months that can be challenging, believe-you-me.  But it does focus the mind somewhat to get out there and snap something and that's a good thing.

Hence the reason for printing this one again, since I'd posted the earlier print off to some other FADU person.  I might put this one on a wall somewhere, for a while anyway until something better crops up.  Most of my prints are in an empty Ilford paper box or scattered about the place, but some end up on the walls of the 'smallest room in the house', if you get my drift.  Well, it gives you something to look at, n'est-ce pas? But those walls are filling up and while from time to time some prints get replaced by newer/better prints, the time is rapidly approaching when other walls will have to be used.  Good, eh?

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