Monday, 29 August 2016

Way out west

Well, way out west and a bit north, if truth be told.  One of our day trips in the summer was across on the ferry from Magilligan to Greencastle in Donegal.   From there we turned left towards Moville and then turned west and north towards Carndonough (Carn Domhnach, or Burial Mound of the Church).  A bit further on and you are soon in the wilds of Donegal, which is a pretty good place to find yourself at any time of the year:

A wee print, on Kentmere paper.  The black dots on the beach are people.  Now from the clouds you might have expected some precipitation - and you would be right.  Predictably, the heavy shower came as we exited the car and made our way to the cafe for some refreshments.  I think that was the only rain we saw that day.  Typical, eh?
Donegal is a pretty special place - it's a huge County, stretches all the way west to Gweedore, past the Derryveagh Mountains.

Just a scan - looking the other way from the first shot.  We're pretty close to the North End of Ireland here - Malin Head just a stone's throw away.
There was a reason for our little day trip - Doagh Famine Village, an eclectic assortments of cottages, artefacts and all-round interesting stuff pertaining to this part of the world.  More of that another day.


  1. These views are a big reason Margaret wants to see the northern tip of Ireland while we're there!

    1. Understandable Jim - I'm sure Donegal won't disappoint on the scenery. Coming from the big USA everything around here is pretty accessible - although the roads are twisty and progress can be slow at times. Coming back from our trip above we hit a snag - a herd of cows being walked along the road. Pretty rare these days - and pretty scary when you've a few dozen tons of beef jostling for position around your car. Thankfully they passed by without incident.