Monday, 15 August 2016

Wasted frames

That man Roy Karlsvig over there in Norway or wherever he finds himself has a lot of good words to say about end-of-film frames - you know, the ones you fire off just in order to finish the film.  His are mostly masterpieces, of course.  Mine usually end up as half-frames, which are no good to man nor beast.

No, today I bring you something completely different - wasted first frames.  Clearly I'm a little conservative with me winding on after loading, since I have created some masterpieces all of my own.  Like this one, taken at Doagh Famine Village in Donegal:

Ah yes, I can remember loading up and firing off a couple inside that wee cottage.  The particular thatched cottage I was standing inside was the one our guide had grown up in - 3 rooms, so quite big really.  Lovely it was.  That's lovely as in, 'Isn't this quaint-and-unusual lovely but I'm glad I'm not living in it nowadays'.  Ah yes, we like our home comforts, indoor toilets, running water and darkrooms and all that.

And here's another first frame masterpiece:

I should run a competition on this one - a 'Where is this?' competition.  Not many would get it, I suspect, so I could offer a really Big Prize, like one of the many point-and-shoot cameras I've picked up over the years and hardly ever use.  But I'll put you out of your misery and tell y'all it's from the Bird Sanctuary at the West Lighthouse on Rathlin Island.  A really special place to visit - but go in July.  We went last week, early August and all the puffins had left.  There were kittiwakes, fulmars and one razorbill.  One.  And not a puffin in sight.


  1. Oh... what can I say besides they're brilliant. Yours seems to be in focus, being decent exposed and what have we all.
    Masterpieces for sure!

    1. Cheers Roy - we need a first frame vs last frame competition! I know you would win though...