Friday, 12 February 2016

People and places

Just some shots of people and places from Hungary in 1938.  Not quite sure why this one was snapped, but clearly The Uncle saw something there worthy of a 6x9 investment:

While the fence looks pretty sturdy and the main building on the left has a part tiled roof, the outhouse on the right looks like it's been cobbled together with whatever was lying about.  Pretty good job, too.  I like the roof - looks like it's thatched, like part of the other building we can see.

This next one looks like either a wedding or a confirmation:

It's a well-built building there in the background (town hall, manor house?) and then you've got the covered horse-drawn wagons outside.  The girls all look well turned out for their Big Day.

At first glance I thought this cow was pulling the wagon parked up outside Samuel Szoffer's shop...

But then I looked more closely, and noticed the legs of what would appear to be a donkey hiding behind the cow.  The cow looks like it's just standing around chatting to the donkey - I can't make out if it's tethered to anything.   I pity the wee donkey, though - that wagon looks pretty well laden to me.

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