Tuesday, 2 February 2016

On the beach

My constitutional on Portstewart Strand one morning last week:

I know - the sun was out!  As you can see, 'tis the Done Thing in this country to, whenever possible, drive your car onto the beach.  Pretty risky if you're not careful.  And pretty annoying to those who come to the beach to do normal stuff, like walk.  To be fair, these are probably the tracks of the 4x4 used by National Trust volunteers to help keep the beach in order.  But sometimes you do get eejits who just drive at speed along the full length of the beach - because they can.  And that doesn't half get my goat.

That one looks like it was taken on a different day, where the sky was full of cloudy stuff, as per the norm.


  1. I've told you before! Your beaches looks a bit different to ours, to say the least.
    That been said, I sent you and your family a quick thought a few hours ago as a program about Ireland was sent on norwegian TV. Nothing from around your parish I think, but anyway.
    Nice snaps, as always, Michael.
    Driving on a beach would not work at all over here, which is just well enough by the look of how things are over there. OK when the car is there for the welfare of others. Not good at all if the driving is for all the wrong reasons, if you ask me.

    1. I bet they are different, Roy! Our beaches take one of two forms - either very very big, like this one (ideal for driving on if you like that sort of thing) or very very small. Small are best if you aren't exercising the dog. In the summertime there must be several hundred cars on this beach some days - and you can imagine the traffic jam at 5pm when everyone wants to leave at the same time...chaos!! I hardly need to say I don't go to this beach during July or August. February is good, if a little bracing at times :)

    2. I'll go for any day in february as well. Traffic jam at the beach sounds like something I would avoid, at any price!
      A bonus kind of thing diverting from walking the beach at this time of year would be the good cup of warm coffee (for me) or in your case green tea when the walk is done and the body can some well earned rest :)