Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Poisoned Glen

Last of the colour snaps of Donegal, then.  And what better place than The Poisoned Glen, what you first seen here, in B&W, if you recall.

It looks good in Provia-colour-vision, I have to admit:


  1. Ah... so Provia it is then. I got a few 120 rolls of it, so will have to pull them through some heavyish camera some day.
    Your snap looks great, as usual. I really like the church and that tiny cluster of trees (yes, I refuse to call them a forest :)) with the lovely granite mountain in the background. It looks very, very good from here.

    1. Thank you Roy appreciate your comments. Yes, Provia it is and I've been pretty happy with what I see of it. First time I've used it. I've a few more sitting in the fridge which might see some use over the winter months...occasional use, that is - not like HP5, which will of course (!) get used a lot more.