Tuesday, 24 November 2015


A quick blast back to Donegal, then, in Fuji Provia-colour this time.  Errigal - thon big hill thing way out west, near where the land stops and the Atlantic takes over.

I know, it's shrouded in cloudy stuff.  It usually is.

But just occasionally the cloud lifts and then you get to see it in for real:

I know - I preferred it covered in cloud too.

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  1. Clouds is always for the better. We know that for a fact, both of us :))
    Anyway, funny me thinks, that you put in the phrase "Way Out West", which is the name of a Facebook page I set up a good while ago. I did a lot of thinking before I actually put the thing up, and I'm still doing a bit of thinking around it. It seems like everyone is doing this these days, and even though this one is all about film photography I still think about what it might be worth to have it there... Well, for the time being it's there, but I can and will not guarantee it's going to be forever. I don't post too often though, so go have a look and like the page. It won't hurt you... probably. It's all in the english language as well, so you might understand what's written as well... https://www.facebook.com/Way-Out-West-Photography-by-Roy-Karlsvik-367354890137075/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel