Thursday, 19 November 2015

Misty morning

We didn't have full sun when in Rathlin but that was OK.  More than OK, actually, since full sun is rarely interesting, not like what we got:

Misty morning on Rathlin, looking over towards 'the mainland'

Here's a grand wee 'fixer-upper' for someone wanting to get away from it all...

Actually there's a fairly decent tin roof on that, so there wouldn't be much 'fixing-upping' to be done.  Just stick a wood-burning stove in there and you'd be grand.  No trouble from the neighbours anyway, and there's a lot to be said for that...

You'd probably want one of these, though:

I mean, there'd be no point in having all that water nearby and no boat, now, would there?  That one there snapped up in Church Bay would be fine - plenty big.

Then you could sail all around the island and even over to the Land of Tartan, just visible in the distance here:

Of course you'd have to watch out for those coal boats, or whatever that is coming down the North Channel there.

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  1. Couple of great foggy snaps here Michael, and a lovely boat it is for sure. I would bring my own, though. I think. It's a slow one for sure, but still a mighty grand tub it is.
    I'm away for the moment as well, but try to stay kind of updated on the blogs... so here we go :)