Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Missy's Rathlin colour wrap-up

Before we start on the B&W images from Rathlin (Ed: do we have to?) I'll post the last few of Missy's colour snaps.  These were all taken on her Olympus OM-1 with a cheapish Zuiko 35-70 f/3.5-5.6 zoom lens.  To be quite honest it was a perfect combination.  I was armed to the teeth with the Nikon and a 180mm f/2.8 and most of the time it was just too long.

Nice wall

Same island, different wall

Smuggler's Cottage at sundown (seal's head just visible in foreground)

Kaci doing what she does best

All in all I think that's a pretty fine collection of photographs by Missy and makes for a very memorable trip to Rathlin.

Normal service will be resumed shortly.  For now, though, there will be short interlude while I visit an old friend that I used to do important work with - or so I told myself at the time.  I'll be taking a camera with me, so all being well you'll catch up with that story in a couple of week's time.

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