Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Missy Rules Rathlin

Missy's lovely little OM-1 was fully loaded on our trip and she snapped away.  And did a rather good job too, in my humble opinion.  She had a colour film loaded, of the £1 Agfa variety from Poundland and while SnappySnaps's prints were awfully washed out the negs were recoverable with a bit of Photoshop colour tweaking.

Rathlin is a really peaceful place and just perfect to relax for a couple of days.  The harbour/Church Bay is the centre of life, which Missy captured rather well for you:

Church Bay, 2015
All the time my mate Darryl and I were trying for some arty-type photographs, different angles, etc, while Missy, being new to the game, just snapped away at whatever she saw.  And of course she made a much better job of it than us (Ed: no surprise there, then).

Some wee boats in the harbour

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