Friday, 7 August 2015

Fair Head

Just opposite the South Lighthouse is Fair Head and it was beautifully lit in the setting sun - Missy captured it very nicely with her OM-1 and a cheapo Agfa film:

Fair Head in the distance, seals in the foreground
Those funny looking rocks in the foreground are in fact some of the seal colony which seems to live around this part of the south of Rathlin.  They let us get real close and some of the younger ones came swimming right up to us to see what the craic was.  The light was fading fast by this time so shutter speeds were getting longer - hence the almost impressionist look of this one, if you know what I mean...

The ruined Smuggler's Cottage was nearby, which made a decent subject for what I think was a rather impressive photography by Missy.  Composition-wise hard to fault, this one:

Smuggler's Cottage, Rathlin Island

I'll throw a few more shots in here for good measure, so you get a feel for just how lovely this part of the world is:


  1. Good job done by Missy with that old OM-1. It's a great camera for sure, and very well used here :)

  2. For a 12-year old she seems to have a good eye for it. Hopefully she will stick at it - so far she seems to enjoy it.