Wednesday, 9 August 2017

You can ring my bell

Not just any doorbell, a posh one if you please.  This one was at the entrance of the Grand Hotel do Porto, on Rua de Santa Catarina.   I think it was a doorbell although I didn't test its functionality.

I wonder whose fingers have pressed this over the years...

I printed this one Foma paper and used lith developer, but it didn't come out great - so it was either a poor choice of materials or simply poor execution.  Yup, I was thinking the same - poor execution.  Anyway, to try to improve things I dunked the print in some hot selenium for a few minutes and the image came to life - as well as having a slight reddish tinge to it, as you can see. I think the scan has accentuated the colour shift a little, compared to the print.

If you're of a certain age the title of this post will perhaps have raised a smile.  A chart hit in the UK back in the late 70s it was very catchy, even if it wasn't something a teenage boy would ever have admitted liking.  You might be scratching your head, wondering, ' who was that singer?'.  I'll be honest - I had to Google it, but I'll save you the bother.  It was sung by the very glamorous Anita Ward.  There.  Or rather here if you want to see the video.  Over 3 million views - very impressive Ms Ward, very impressive, even if the lyrics are pretty funny from today's perspective, some 38 years later....something about 'Lay back and relax while I put away the dishes and then you and me can...'.


  1. Looks like a rather expensive piece of metal to be honest, and it's a nice print of the thing and all. I'm still wondering what would happen if you actually rang the bell and insisted on waiting until someone showed up at the door. Do you think it really works? I guess there's only one way to find out. With a bit of speed we could test it the old way by ring and run, but those days are long gone for sure!!

    Oh... and I didn't click the link for the video. I'm at sea, you know. Things like that doesn't work out here. Sometimes that's a blessing, but not all of the time surely.

    1. You're right - I should have pressed it. I wonder what would have happened. One thing's for running days are well past lol

    2. Oh well... thinking about it I think it might be just as effective to just press and wait, just to check if it's working :))