Friday, 18 August 2017


As y'all know Missy&I had our annual Rathlin Island trip recently. If you don't know, Rathlin lies just off the North Antrim Coast, between Ireland and Scotland.  It's a small island, only a few miles in any direction but it is inhabited by people, seabirds and seals and is well worth a visit if you are in the area. The museum on the island is spectacular, I have to say - an upstairs bit and a downstairs bit but is just brilliant.  History?  Oh, history by the bucket-load.  Mostly horrible, mind you.

This is the view from near the West Lighthouse where all the seabirds are, looking South towards 'the mainland' of Ireland.  Funny - Ulster-folk talk about 'The Mainland', meaning Britain (that big bit of rock comprising Scotland&Wales&England) but I guess when on Rathlin 'the mainland' is Ireland.  The Liberties are a bit to the right of the land in the distance there and a bit inland, in case you were wondering.  We don't have a view of Rathlin from our front door, but drive a mile or so towards Portrush and we can see Rathlin, the Giant's Causeway and even the Paps of Jura on a good day.

The usual lith combination for me: Foma 131 fibre paper and EasyLith developer.  Untoned, in case you were wondering.

Hmm...lovely lithy tones, albeit the detail in the Sea Stacks are lost a bit.  I've a way to go yet with regard to perfecting contrast control in lith, but I'm getting there...

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