Wednesday, 11 May 2016


These from the usual place:

I'm hoping to get into the darkroom this afternoon - got a few negs on my list to print.  One for the latest FADU Print Exchange and something for this guy over there on the rigs.

It's a busy week over here in The Liberties, what with the NorthWest200 motorbike races and all.  There's usually a big crowd and so far they've had some decent weather for a change.  Temperatures hitting 20 degrees, which is very pleasant. Tomorrow, all being well, I plan to head down to Portstewart with a camera.  Not to take bike photos, but maybe take some people snaps.  I did the bike photographs in my youth - poking my 200mm OM lens through a slap in the hedge.  Nowadays you can't get near the circuit, due to health and safety, so I leave the bike snapping to the digital peeps with their 400mm+ lenses.


  1. Good choice, my friend. To leave the motorbike snapping to the digidudes with their long tubes attached, I mean. The only exeption would be some good old 70's racers, or café racers that might appear beside any pub or whatever somewhere near the race track. You could snap something like that while it was at standstill with a 35mm or something, and it would look great on film, as we know. Anything modern flying by at 150 mph is nothing for us to aim towards, I would say.

    I love these kinds of snaps of the sand on your beach. Great patterns to find, and very different to our usual stuff... as always.
    Else, I've been attending another course for the last couple of days. You may read a bit more about that inside my blog, if I can stay awake long enough to make something worthy of posting...

    1. Thanks Roy...the plan is to head out today with some film and maybe even a couple of cameras to see what gives down at the races. It's a warm day and it'll be good to be outdoors. I'll be standing well back from the action, that's for sure...if one of those machines decides to leave the road for whatever reason I don't fancy being anywhere near it.