Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Hound Tales

Sometimes I do feel a bit sorry for the Hound, as he tends to get shouted at to get out of the way when the camera is raised to me eyes.  But this time I didn't and here he is, spoiling another masterpiece on Portstewart Strand:

He's got that look about him - waiting for me to throw the ball, y'know.  He thinks he's working when we're on the beach (him being a working dog breed and all) - that's my take on it anyway.  The ball is his sheep.  He's very antisocial - can't bear another dog coming close to him and gives them 'the look' if they encroach his personal space.  If that doesn't work then a bit of a snap usually gets the message across.  It's most unlike him - he really is a big softie, it's just when there's a ball and play/work involved.  If you're a dog just don't get in his way, that would be my advice.

Ah go on, then, here's another of him:

That wee sideways glance there, that's a 'Did you notice? - I got the ball' sort of glance.  And yes, you are correct, he is in some state when we get back from the beach most mornings - wet and full of sand.  The sand gets deposited around our house in various piles as his coat dries off.  It's not as bad as it sounds, as we have tiled floors, so it's easy enough to sweep up.

He'll be 11 this year.  Getting on then.  Like us all, eh?

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